How to Advertise a Restaurant Online

Many years ago, restaurants were places that advertised themselves in order to gain traction in the local community and region. Nowadays, things have changed - and restaurants are able to channel their advertising efforts to the local community more than ever and establish a targeted presence to the locals and tourists.

Comparing the traditional versus the new, digital way of advertising a restaurant is almost unimaginable. Why?

Well, because advertising your restaurant online has a lot more benefits as follows:

  • it completes your branding circle and potentially expands your reach
  • it captures your market through remarketing and retargeting along with your offline advertising efforts
  • it is a permanent strategy that works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • it is the most cost-effective way to reach your target around your location
  • it is a sharp technique to tailor your advertisement to the needs of your target audience
  • it helps you build trust in the local community
  • it has a faster and wider reach to connect your business with people
  • last but not least, it provides more information at a lower cost
Infographic: how to advertise a restaurant on the internet
Advertising a restaurant online

"So, where and how to start?" - you are asking yourself.

The Most Popular Mediums For Advertising A Restaurant

Basically, there are a lot of ways you can advertise a restaurant online. However, the proven ones to do it and gain instant traction are:

  1. Social Media - Everyone loves social media. It is our go-to medium for checking a place before attending it, seeing the pictures and reading the customer reviews. Facebook ads are one of the best strategies a business can impact the local audience or even tailor the message to a particular group of users, targeting their age, location and even interests.
  2. Search Engine Ads - The advertisements on Google and Bing work amazingly well - especially when it's a local place that gets advertised. They instantly pop up when a user is nearby and are among the first results when looking for the exact place (or a relevant term like 'restaurant') in a particular area.
  3. Guest Posts - There are many influential people nowadays, and sharing their experience in your restaurant may be vital for attracting new guests. Content marketing has always been the king, but now, it is a whole kingdom.
  4. Email Marketing - As a medium aimed on building deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media, e-mail marketing is a targeted solution that increases brand awareness and is easily shareable. Aside from that, it is cost-effective solution and lets you precisely target your audience based on their demographics - but also see the analytics and the "power" of every message you send.

However, although these mediums are great and can deliver the message in a solid way, they definitely need someone with knowledge in online marketing and someone who can manage multiple accounts - which is not usually a scene you see behind the curtains of a restaurant.

The Classic Restaurant Advertising Approach - Online Ad Agencies

Practically, a classic online ad agency translates to a team of individuals running the advertising platforms we already mentioned and making sure that everything is under control with an outsourced advertising approach.

While this may be a good approach for some owners, it does not offer full control over what is shared and limits the flow of new ideas. Moreover, it limits the link between the restaurant and its advertising - and in many cases is known as "generic advertising".

In a nutshell, the classic advertising approach for a restaurant is impossible to get started with a low budget. That being said, the 4-digit costs monthly are too much for many restaurant owners. In reality, the marketing agencies always go for the top-shelf approach when negotiating a quote, which may not be a solution that comes with great return on investment (ROI) in the very end.

The Birth Of A New Model - Self-Serve Ad Agencies

The digital world is all about new innovations - and the self-serve ad agencies are one of them.

What started as a problem-solving technique to eliminate "the missing link" between restaurant owners and classic ad agencies - transformed to a new concept, named self-serve ad agencies.

Basically, a self-serve advertising agency is a solution that makes running similar ads simultaneously on many platforms (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Marketing Platform, ..). The combination of a classic advertising approach and the online advertising strategy is the answer to the needs of every restaurant owner.

A great example for such agency is

So, how does our self-serve ad agency help you advertise your restaurant online?

  • it saves you your precious time by removing time-consuming complexities and takes off the need to manage several advertising platforms with the same marketing message
  • it reinforces a strategic and directed approach to your target audience
  • it is a cost-efficient solution that is fully scalable and cheaper than any outsourced effort
  • start / stop your campaigns any time, get started with a low, risk-free budget
  • it is a tailored solution that requires only your advertising message and target group
  • it is able to cover every advertising medium and convey the message across any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, portable or desktop computer

A Final Word

No more advertising efforts wasted.

This is the future of advertising your restaurant online. However, with the fast pace of the Internet nowadays, it can be tough to bring this to life - especially if you are not an online expert by any means. Luckily, a self-serve solution for advertising your restaurant will make you an expert, one step at a time. What it will also teach you is how to commit to your goals while sticking to your schedule and how to operate every advertising channel from a single spot.

Last, but not least - how to successfully manage your business and make sure the right message is always delivered to your audience.

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