14 Reasons Why You Should Start Advertising Online

If you haven’t yet considered online marketing for your business, this may be the perfect time to get started. Online ads are everywhere on the Web, and spending on online advertising has increased sharply in recent years, expected to overtake spending on print media advertisements soon.

According to the numbers published by Strategy Analytics website, digital remains the fastest growing (over 13% in Y2015) advertising category leaving behind competitors such as TV, outdoor, cinema, radio and print (see the stats below). Longer term, the same trend is expected to continue for the next 3-5 years to come.

Statistics: change in ad spending by media type Change in ad spending by media type

Following are some reasons why online marketing in the form of digital advertising is worth the money:

  1. Instant information: Online ads provide you a wide variety of advantages. With digital advertisements you get instant information on what ads are generating clicks, who is clicking your adverts and where they saw your ads. All of these are crucial bits of information for your business and you can’t get them from print ads. When you publish ads on traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, it can take weeks or even months before you can get a clear idea how your ads are doing or if they successfully reached your clients. With accurate information from web-based advertising platforms you can withdraw or retarget your ads and achieve better results very quickly, which is not possible with traditional media.
  2. Advertise to your preferred client: With online ads you can confirm that your message reach your desired clients. Online ads reduce the chances of advertising to the wrong group of people, thus wasting your budget and time. You can easily target and retarget your intended clients and it gives you the ability to precisely reach your customers - the "right ones". You can focus on clients based on their geographic location, gender, age, behavior patterns on the internet, and special interests.
  3. Demonstrate your creative side: Online advertising platforms allow you to be creative. You can showcase your own ads to your potential clients. If you want, you can hire professional designers to create flash banners or animated ads. These ads can be easily modified and tailored according to your marketing strategies.
  4. Increase your brand recognition: One of the advantages of digital marketing is the ability to increase brand recognition in a short time. You can take advantage of the constant user presence on the Web and quickly get your brand noticed. Once you successfully established yourself as a known brand name, you can use the attention gathered and launch new products that are targeted towards your existing audience.
  5. Changes are easy and quick: Unlike print ads you can make quick and easy changes to your online adverts. If any of your ads are misplaced or misinterpreted by a group of clients you can make quick changes and avoid unnecessary hustle.
  6. Affordability: Compared to TV or print ads, online ads are still relatively low-cost. Plus, online advertising tools give you the ability to lower your budget or even stop your campaign within a few seconds. Print or TV operates on contract basis, and when you are in a contract, it’s not easy to end it suddenly. You are spending less with online ads and have the flexibility to reduce costs even further instantly.
  7. Image of your brand: Internet adverts demonstrate your clients that you are a legitimate company and encourage them to take you seriously. Even if they never visited your website, a prominent domain name on the internet and continuous advertising campaigns proves your commitment towards your company and offerings. Your online presence also shows that you want to keep your customers informed and care enough to reach all markets.
  8. Market testing: Imagine you want to launch a new product or service, but not sure how the market will react to it. So test it with digital advertising tactics such as A/B testing, it’s a low cost and low risk method for you. You will get an unbiased opinion from your clients and you don’t have to invest (and take risk) much.
  9. Access: Television is losing audience because of excess commercials; people can watch their favorite shows online at a much lower cost or even free. Online advertising allows you to access those customers. Digital magazines are also gaining readers and you can advertise in them.
  10. Flexibility: Online advertising offers you more flexibility; you can reach various devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and laptops. Promote one ad and you can reach all online users on Windows, Android and Apple devices. This wide variety of options means reaching more clients with less effort.
  11. Support for other advertising: Online ads work great for any promotional offer and event. If you have a promotional event coming up, place it on the net. Print media is much more costly for advertising a sudden special event. With online ads you can display your brochures, promotional literature and upcoming products or new services.
  12. Social media: People are naturally social and this is especially noticed when they are online. You can place targeted ads on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and get a massive amount of hits within a few minutes, which is not possible in the print media.
  13. Interactivity: Internet advertising gives you the immense opportunity to interact with your customers and get direct feedback instantly. This is a far better situation than print ads.
  14. Scalability and global reach: Online advertising enables you to promote your products and services locally, or even worldwide. With the print media you can only reach fix number of customers limited to a certain location, but online offers you a global opportunity.

Video: Put your message in front of potential customers right when they're searching for what you have to offer. With this video, you will learn the basics of online, pay-per-click advertising.

Online advertising is a form of marketing which uses the Internet to deliver promotional messages in digital formats. It includes e-mail marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, display advertising and mobile advertising.

When compared to traditional advertising strategies such as print media and outdoor, chances are that online advertising is an efficient alternative for your next marketing campaign.

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