Facebook Live and How to introduce it into Your Social Media

Facebook Live, a live-feed video service, has become a social media sensation. With 100 million people viewing videos online, live stream videos are increasing in popularity for their authentic and intimate nature. Because of this boost in popularity, Facebook Live has become an invaluable marketing tool for businesses who want to build a reputation and increase relevancy. How can your business take advantage of this latest feature?


While the obvious thing to do would be to jump in and start recording videos, it's always better to start with a plan. In this plan, you should look to include:

Sharing news on Facebook Live
Sharing news on FB Live

Sharing News and Developments

Focus on what makes your brand unique and your special set of skills or expertise. If you are a leader in your industry, share what you know about the new advances in your field. Showcasing your excitement and expertise will strengthen your relationship with consumers and increase their trust in your business. Share tips, interesting facts, and your opinion on topics. You can even stream live interviews and interact with customers sending in questions.

Giving Them a Peek Behind the Curtain

Streaming live events, webinars, and podcasts give viewers a look into what your business is up to. Live-event streams are popular because they give interested viewers a glimpse of an event that they are unable to attend. Providing webinars and podcasts through multiple mediums will increase viewership and promote your other offerings. You can even encourage viewers to download a podcast or webinar after it ends. Featuring staff is another great way to allow the consumer to see the inner workings of your business. Let various staff members take turns being guest hosts for the stream so that they can let their personalities shine and show what kind of people work in your business.

Featuring Your Services or Products

Spotlighting your products and services shows the viewer just exactly what you sell. Give them the full picture of your products by focusing on their positive attributes but not shying away from any negatives. This will show consumers that your business can be trusted and that you believe in your products.

Repurposing Old Content

Still unsure of what to stream? Consider repurposing content that you've already done in the form of a blog post or Facebook status. If the content didn't exactly make a big splash in its original format, give it another try through a different medium. Your video may get more attention than the original content did simply because of the format and the way your information is presented.

Preparing to Go Live

Before you go live, carefully consider the direction you want to go with your video and which approaches you will choose to take. Things you may want to bear in mind include the needs and interests of your target audience and how you want them to perceive your brand. Once you've decided on a marketing direction to take, build hype by letting people know that you're planning to broadcast by posting about it on Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter. Be sure to write a description that creates interest and buzz.


Ditch the script and be yourself! Viewers want to get to know you as a person. They want a real view of who you are and what your company stands for. Live streaming is a different marketing format than a television or Youtube advertisement and should be treated as such.

Live video streams may cause some anxiety, especially if you receive negative feedback or comments. Remember to take it in stride and keep your composure. Followers will appreciate a positive attitude and may even stand up in your defense. Negative comments may be an opportunity for increased customer loyalty.

Connect and interact with viewers by mentioning their names, responding to their comments, and answering questions. You can ask your viewers to give a thumbs up, type where they are from, or follow another brand or product that you talk about. Don't forget to remind viewers to subscribe so that they'll receive notifications when you go live.

The longer and more frequently you broadcast online, the more people you are able to reach. Facebook Live allows you to broadcast for 90 minutes at a time. If you do plan on using the whole allotted time, be sure to fill it with valuable and interesting content and continuous viewer interaction.

Once your live stream is over, your video will be saved to your Facebook timeline to be watched later. You can even embed it into your blog. And, of course, if you don't think the live stream went so well, you can always delete it.

Facebook Live is a dynamic consumer engagement tool that is rising in popularity. Not only is it an inexpensive way to advertise / promote your brand, it is an easy way to build a positive reputation among customers. With a little creativity and a lot of personality, Facebook Live streams can encourage growth and increase sales for your brand.

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