How to Advertise a Law Firm Online

Law firms are known for their straightforward approach and honesty. They are also known for their reputation and high competition amongst their practices. And while years ago, a reputable law firm was best known for its offices and attorneys, nowadays - one more thing comes into consideration, and that is a successful online presence.

In fact, creating an online presence for a law office is only the initial step of the full digital experience. Advertising a law firm, on the other hand, comes with a lot of social entities and touch points which must be connected to the personal name. For example, if someone googles a lawyer for a particular case, there needs to be a result which is of substance to result in a matching point. By substance, we mean authority - and there is no better way to build authority for a law firm than to properly advertise it online through all the channels.

Advertising a law firm online is essential for successful marketing results because:

  • it completes your branding circle and potentially expands your reach
  • it captures your market through remarketing / retargeting along with your off-line advertising efforts
  • it is a permanent strategy that works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • it is the most cost-effective way to reach your targets locally
  • it is a sharp technique to tailor your advertisement to the needs of your target audience(s)
  • ü it helps you build trust and authority in the local community

  • it has a faster and wider reach to connect your practice with people who need it
  • last but not least, it provides more results (leads!) at a lower cost
Infographic: how to advertise a law firm on the internet
Advertising a law office online

The Most Popular Mediums For Advertising A Law Office

Law firms are unlike digital agencies for example. They deliver a strongly personal approach and are known for that. A lawyer is a person who instills trust unlike any other person, and also a job position that is taken for granted even in the most uncomfortable and tough moments.

With that in mind, advertising a law office is best done on the following mediums:

  1. Social Media - Law practices using social media aim to instill even more trust in the user base and build brand authority in its highest form. However, the local aspect of social media is probably the most vital link when it comes to advertising a law office socially, simply because people turn to local lawyers operating in their area to help them with their personal case.
  2. Search Engine Ads - SEO is a broad aspect of the digital world nowadays. Advertising a law firm through search engine ads is a wise move, especially having in mind the great competition of lawyers in a local area. Again, targeting keywords with specific locations such as "divorce lawyer in London" proves the best strategy to win one of the top 3 places with Google's search engine ads and therefore land potential clients.
  3. ü Video (YouTube, social media, website) - The on-page video, but also video posted on channels such as YouTube and social media is another great way to dominate the competition. Video is of great essence for lawyers simply because it helps people see how a law firm and its team of attorneys talks, looks and what they are like - which is a bonus point to making a law office more attractive and getting more business.

The Classic Law Firm Advertising Approach - Online Ad Agencies

There are many law offices that tend to outsource their marketing processes to ad agencies specializing on the Web and social media channels.

Practically, a classic online ad agency translates to a team of Account Managers running various advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Adverts, etc, and making sure that everything is under control with an outsourced advertising approach.

While this is classified as a good approach by some law firms, it fails to offer full control over what is shared and limits the flow of new ideas, trends and ways which are meant to target the local client base and position a law office as an authority in the business. This immediately creates a problem and limits the expertise of a law practice from achieving its full online potential with proper marketing.

In times like these, it is critical to think ahead of the competition - and come up with a business model that integrates the proven advertising techniques and does not limit the control over what is shared online.

The Birth Of A New Marketing Model - Self-Serve Ad Agencies

A self-serve ad agency can definitely make a difference to how a local business – say, a law firm, advertises its professional services online. As a relatively new concept, collaborating with a self-service ad agency means running similar ads simultaneously on several platforms such as Google, Bing and Facebook.

While it does not limit the control over what is shared and lets the advertiser see and expand its efforts digitally, the concept of a self-serve advertising agency focuses on the technical side of the advertising and helps by building a bridge towards new opportunities and potential clients. is a clean example for the self-serve agency model. With all the activities made in-house, this concept:

  • saves you your time by removing complexities and takes off the need to learn and manage several advertising platforms with the repeated marketing message
  • reinforces a strategic and directed approach to your target audiences
  • is a cost-efficient solution that is scalable and cheaper than any outsourced effort
  • is a tailored solution that requires only your advertising message and target group
  • is able to cover a diversified set of online advertising mediums and convey the message across various devices such as smartphones, tablets, portable or desktop computers
  • allows your to start / stop your campaigns any time, get started with a low, risk-free advertising budget

A Final Word

The biggest mistake that law firms do nowadays when it comes to advertising is wasting tons of money on marketing that is nowhere near measurable. For example, a law office focusing on public relations and advertising on traditional media channels has no clear way to see whether there are any actual results.

On the other hand, the self-serve method excels at this point - and comes with clear, concise and precise information on every dollar spent, including advertising campaigns, their effects and return on investment. Therefore, funneling all the efforts into actionable advertising for law firms definitely seems to be the best idea - and self-serve agencies are the pioneers of such revolution.

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