How To Advertise An Auto Repair Shop Online

Auto repair shops have been around for many decades. Knowing that the number of produced cars is increasing every year, there must be places to fix them. With the fast pace of technology and the rise of the digital world, auto mechanics got connected on another level - reaching for the "drivers" in a more targeted and sophisticated way.

People judge service based on their experience. Advertising an auto repair business is therefore all about keeping the repeat customers happy and acquiring new on the same premise. However, in order to do that, every business owner of a car repair shop should figure out the best approaches to target the mass.

Nowadays, the importance of advertising auto mechanic services online is of no doubt. On the other hand, listing a repair shop online is a win-win strategy for both the business and the customer.

Advertising a local repair business online is effective because:

  • it completes the branding circle and potentially expands your professional reach
  • it is based on the premise of treating customers well and solving their problems
  • it captures your market through remarketing / retargeting techniques
  • it is a permanent strategy that works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • it is the most cost-effective way to reach your targets locally
  • it is a sharp technique to tailor your advertisement to the needs of your target audience – car owners around your location
  • it helps you build trust in the local community
  • it has a faster and wider reach to connect your business with people
  • last but not least, it provides more information at a lower cost

The Most Popular Mediums For Advertising An Auto Repair Business

Advertising an auto repair shop online falls under a slightly different category than other businesses. However, there are still a lot of the popular techniques that work when applied. The main thing that people look for when browsing through auto mechanic services nearby is the quality of the reviews that other people have left - which is a factor that speaks about their satisfaction.

Infographic: how to advertise a car repair business on the internet
Advertising an auto repair shop online

With that in mind, the mediums for marketing a car repair shop are review-centric above everything, including:

  • Social Media - People have been using social media for everything. Every user is able to find the nearest auto repair businesses with the greatest reviews. Also, paid social media advertising can help to get a broader reach and target the local audience in a great way.
  • Search Engine Ads - Google AdWords and Bing Ads are once again a proven way to level up the efforts and attract traffic directly from the search engines. Car owners are people who may have issues that require immediate help. Asking Google about the best solution such as an auto repair shop that works 24/7 with free towing may be a great technique to capture leads.
  • Call Tracking - As a technique that yields with a great ROI, call tracking focuses on a direct action made by the person in trouble with his car. In times of trouble, searching Google may not be the best solution. Call tracking, on the other side, makes sure that the sponsored Google result has phone information as a part of the advertising strategy.
  • Forums And Discussion Boards - The use of Yelp for services is growing. Auto repair shops are listed on this medium more and more as we speak, with people being the best judges of a great service. Price, timeframe as well as equipment may be among the best factors that differentiate a great auto repair shop - as voted by online users.

The Classic Car Repair Shop Outsourcing Approach

In reality, there is no direct link between an auto repair shop and digital marketing. Without an in-house team of digital marketers or people operating the business from a desk (except for the operator), car repair business owners have been outsourcing their marketing efforts to online advertising agencies.

The scope of this outsourcing effort is having a team of individuals (ie Account Managers) who operate with every one of the mediums and ensure everything is under control. Optimizing the website contact information for Google, sharing engaging posts on Facebook and making sure there are responses to each review translates as effective digital marketing for some auto repair shop owners.

However, the potential of the advertising efforts is certainly greater - which brings us the birth of a new model of advertising platforms.

Self-Serve Ad Agencies - Broadening The Reach Of Advertising

Small business owners know the standard ways of advertising - and how to outsource them to an ad agency. However, the self-serve ad platforms are a relatively new concept that brings a lot more to the table. The seamless advertising across many platforms and the full usage and leverage of every marketing opportunity are only two of the unique strengths of a "self-serve" ad agency.

While it does not limit the control over what is shared and lets the shop owner see and expand its efforts digitally, the concept of a self-serve ad agency focuses on the technical side of the advertising and helps by building a bridge towards new opportunities and potential clients.

My Ads Agency is a clean example for the self-serve agency model. With all the activities made in-house, this concept allows every business owner to:

  • save precious time in advertising by eliminating to learn / make use of different platforms such as Google AdWord, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • reinforce a strategic and directed approach to their target audience – car owners
  • run a cost-efficient solution that is fully scalable and cheaper than any outsourced effort (a minimal budget to be accepted at a "classic" ad agency is around $10,000/month
  • use a tailored solution that needs a brand name and advertising message only in order to be spread
  • spreads the message across different mediums and optimizes it to every device, with mobile being the most active group of consumers in this niche particularly
  • directly focuses and reinforces positive reviews

A Final Word

In the end, we can definitely argue that auto repair businesses need a small new revolution in their advertising efforts. Instead of wasting the money on solutions that are not directly optimized to the needs of their average consumers, they should reinforce a strategy that conveys the message across every medium and device.

Today's users who look for a nearby car mechanic service most likely see information through their mobile device. They need to call the shop directly and establish a relationship with the mechanic - which sums up the direct stream of self-serve advertising platforms. Aside from that, they are the most cost-efficient solution with a great VOI (Value on Investment) as well as measurable ROI (Return on Investment).

Actionable advertising for auto repair shops is not rocket science. However, it is a strategy that demands the right approach that adapts to the trends and ensures complete satisfaction.

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