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Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Infotika Soft -- founded in October, 2003 -- is a leading developer of Construction management, Cyber Cafe Management, Payroll System, Inventory Control System and Customized software and services, dedicated
to innovation, development, and customer support. Infotika Soft has global Quality products, spreaded in all over the India and enhancing towards the global market. Infotika Soft corporate head office is located at Pune (India) .We provide both products and services for above specified areas.
Infotika Soft's knowledge and expertise encompasses the design and development of software for various
Operating Systems. We specialize in ASP.Net / VB.Net custom programming services. We design and develop your projects at a very affordable price and with utmost quality. We take technical quality seriously. We will work closely with you to create the best codes. Developing VB.Net type applications for streamlining your company's procedures and business rules means greater productivity and more profits. In addition, needs specific software, makes workers more productive and happier. A positive work environment is a direct result of making repetitive tasks easier with the user of technology. Develop easy to use tools to make your job easier, cost effective utility software solutions for everyone .Internally, we partner with your company to help define core competencies and identify customers. Externally, we analyze the current and future impact of the digital economy on your industry. We examine the e-strategies of other companies in your industry to see what lessons might be applied. This results in a competitive advantage in the digital arena

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