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Start advertising in your city. It's that easy.

  • Ad placement

    Your service is promoted with a text ad that shows up on search results.

    Your advert on Google local search results
    Your ad appears on search platforms such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, visible on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Depending on the audience targeted, ads are promoted around your city, state or entire country.
  • It's FREE to get started

    You will not pay a penny until your Landing Page has been set up. You will set your budget when you are ready to go. Your budget (i.e., ad credits purchased) is a one-off payment, with no recurring fees. Ad click credits can be purchased in $100, $250 and $500 packages. The cost-per-click depends on your industry and competition. In average, it's around $1—$3.

  • Get online quickly

    It takes only minute or two to get your ad rolling. Just enter the category of your service, select the target audience and you're done!

    However, take your time with details such as link to your website, your video, product image, description and your contact details. With the right details in place, you will maximise the impact on every customer that visits your Landing Page (included for FREE with the service).

  • Your FREE Landing Page

    Your offer, branding image, video and contact details are presented on your very own Landing Page. People find your Landing Page when they search near-by services on mobile or desktop devices.

    View sample Landing Page

  • Pay as you go

    After your campaign has started, you will spend on leads only - that is, when real customers click the ad and visit your Landing Page. People will click your ad when they search a service, product or event relevant to your business category.

    To test the waters, get started with a low-risk, one-off $100 budget. You can start-stop your campaign at any time.

Lisa Marie, a salon owner in New York explains how to run local ads online.

My Ads Agency is your self-serve, online advertising agency that operates in conjunction with Google, Bing, Facebook and other digital ad providers. An easy-to-use, quick and risk-free advertising tool.
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